Breeding Info



Changes for the 2018/2019 breeding season
Jolmer and Floris will be available to breed to Purebred Friesian mares only.
(only exception is if you are entitled to a return service)
By reducing our workload, it  allows us to continue our focus on our own breeding program, resulting on being able to offer the public Purebred Friesians for sale of the higest quality and the latest bloodlines.

 If your mare is with us for service, it is our priority to get your mare pregnant and our aim is to achieve that, by providing the best care for your mare at the least possible cost to you.
If we freight semen to you, it is in the best interest for all, to send Semen of the best quality.
All Semen collections get checked under the microscope and will not be send unless we are satified it complies with what is  satisfactory in Motility combined with Quantity to be send as a chilled semen shipment.

Floris                                Service fee: $1200.00 plus GST ($1,380.00)
Jolmer fan Twillens   Service fee: $1200.00 plus GST ($1,380.00)


Collection Fee: $220.00 plus GST ($253.00)

The collection fee goes towards covering the cost of collecting the stallions and materials used, packaging and processing of semen and delivery of semen container to the nearest airport.


Freight/Delivery cost cost: $150.00 plus GST  (172.50)

 Charges to transport the semen container from point A to B within NZ.
 This charge will not be applicable if you are able to collect the semen from us.


  You can find a copy of the breeding contract on the page of Jolmer and Floris.

  We also offer frozen semen of many other Friesian Licenced stallions from Holland, we can provide you
   further information on costings per cycle for your mare.