For Sale


The demand on our foals has meant, they are secured well in advance and leave for their new homes at weaning.
They are secured with a deposit, where after a second payment is due at the birth of the foal.
The final payment is paid before you bring your very own Friesian home.

The foal will be fully registered, microchipped, vaccinated and will have had a lot of handling to make sure you are set up for succes!

Prices are generally in 2 price brackets.
Foals sired by New Zealands  very own 2 stallions with a breeding permit
       Jolmer fan Twilllens and Floris bred to our Star rated highest studbook mares.
Or foals sired by frozen semen we have imported from Holland.

 Please contact us to discuss further  in person

  End 2019 we are expecting 4 stunning foals . 4 embryos have been placed into 
  recipient mares. This is a rare oppurtunity to own your own Friesian with exceptional 
  bloodlines, temperament and movement.
          4 recipient mares carrying the folowing combinations:
Kalanie of GF x  Wybren 464 into a recipient mare.
           Kalanie of GF x  Wybren 464 into another recipient mare.
           Kalanie of GF x  Wimer 461 into recipient mare Pluto.
           Tessa    of GF x  Wimer 461  into a recipeient mare.

    We can import any number of Friesians for you from our contacts in Holland