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Stallions available, studfees and per dose price

Wybren 464    Sold out                       $525.00 plus gst per dose,    Studfee $1,380.00 plus Gst  
Wylster 463    Available   7   Doses,  $400.00 plus gst per dose,  Studfee $1,200.00 plus Gst
Wopke 403     Available   6   Doses,   $400.00 plus gst per dose,  Studfee $1,200.00 plus Gst
Wimer 461      Sold out          Doses,  $525.00 plus gst per dose,   Studfee $1,380.00 plus Gst
Jisse  433         Sold out          Doses,  $525.00 plus gst per dose,   Studfee $1,380.00  plus Gst   
Mees 497         Sold out          Doses,   $640.00 plus gst per dose,   Studfee $1,700.00 plus Gst
Julius 486       Available   4   Doses,   $640.00 plus gst per dose,  Studfee $1,700.00 plus Gst
Hessel  480     Sold out          Doses,   $640.00 plus gst per dose,  Studfee $1,500.00 plus Gst


Jisse 433  Sport

 Height 1.64
Jisse 433 Sport
  Jisse was a son of the preferent Jasper 366 Sport. HIs mother  was the Ster mare Brecht, een dochter van Dirk 298.
  He had a wonderful apptitude for Sport with an index of 108.    Jisse 433 Sport was approved in November 2006 and later achieved his sport predicate in The Netherlands by competing at ZZ level dressage and the Ereklasse Harness Horse classes in 2010.  Jisse 433 Sport was approved on his offspring in 2012.  Jisse 433 Sport represented his heritage well with  outstanding movement and gentle disposition. Free of Hydrochephalus gene and Dwarfisme gene

Wimer 461  Sport

Height 1 .67
Hinne 427 Sport x Heinse 354 Sport Preferent
 Wimer is a luxurious looking stallion who in his movement is  showing a lot of tact, balans, soupleness. 

Wimer performed very well under all disciplines, under saddle he earned 80 points.
He is approved since 2010 and it is well know he breeds  exterior as well as  suitability for Sport. Free of Hydrocephalus and  Dwarfism.



Wopke 403 Sport

 Height 1.63 
 Wobke has enormous presence and  competed in M1 Level Dressage. His Progeny making a great impression during their ABFP tests . Four of the seven horses judged received more than 80 points, one even reached 87.2 points! His Progeny show great performance ability.

Wobke has great influence in his foals in both conformation and performance. The foals exhibit beautiful, correct movement in walk and canter both under saddle and in carriage. The trot is very elevated, light and ground covering. The canter well balanced. Results of his progeny under saddle and in driving are well above the average in the three year old classes. He is a 1st premium stallion. Approved on progeny.  Free of Hydrochephalus gene and Dwarfisme gene


Wybren 464  Sport   SOLD OUT

 height 1.66 
 Feike 395 x Wicher 334
This majestic stallion passes on his powerful Hind  end,  and great work ethic.
Great temperament to his offspring. Wybren produces tall horses with luxurious long and  thick manes and tails. 

ln the 2016 keuring season, 100% of his tested foals achieve first or second premie.     


Wylster 463  Sport/ Elite








Rindert x Rypke 321 Approved on Offspring

Wylster comes from a strong motherline were many modell
mares, approved Stallions and very good Sporthorses have come from.
His progeny have the same souplleness in their movement .
He is Intermediar Dressage .Free of Hydrocephalus and  Dwarfism.  Winner VFH Bokaal in 2014 en 2015 voor de sjees.


  MEES 497 Sport- Elite

Mees (6) (Kopie)      

Tymon 456 x Dries 421.
Height 1.72 meter.  

Mees 497     Winner verrichtings Topper of  2016.

Representing the racial type very well, with his long sloping shoulder and long neck. He gets praised for his correct walk and great trot with a lot of body movement and keeping the shoulders free.
His canter is upwards and well balanced. He scores very high in all disciplines

Mees 497 has won several Championships
- Champion Euro Friesian Talent Cup 2015
- Champion Pavo Fryso Bokaal in 2016
- Champion Pavo Fryso Bokaal 2017
- Champion KFPS Alrako  klasse M1 2017
- Champion Friesland  indoor klasse M2 2018
- Champion KFPS Alrako  klasse Z1 2018
- Champion KFPS Horses2fly  klasse Z2 2019

Mees 497 is Free of Hydrocephalus and Dwarfism



Julius 486  Sport- Elite

Sire:  Norbert 444 Sports

Dam : Beart 411 Sport
Born: 24-04-2011
Height: 1.71

Julius has great Sport Genes and has achieved high scores in all disciplines. With 89 points under saddle.
A true all rounder.
Free of Hydrochephalus gene and Dwarfisme gene.