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Registry for Friesian cross Sporthorses


The  Royal Friesian Horse studbook, the KFPS in Dutch and English version

 Massey University
Equine Parentage and Animal Genetic Services Centre
(Institute of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences)

Phone:                  64 6 356 9099 ext 85525 DDI: 64 6 951 8525
Fax:                         64 6 350 5621

For Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus testing, it will be $90 (for both tests). And you can order these tests by sending in a hair sample and completing the form which you can download and print here.
Please pull hair to preserve the root bulbs, they cannot test cut hair.
Please do not tie or knot the hair.
(download form)


Animal Genetics USA  has a online form for Equine dna testing
Is another option for DNA testing

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