Ninthe (Star)



Ninthe fan 'e Boerestreek (STAR)

                       Recently joining us, September 2019,  imported from Holland.
                       Ninthe will be a real asset to our team, we are very excited to see what the future brings for
                       her. Ninthe is trained in Dressage.

                       Sire : Tsjalle 454 stb Sport Preferent
                       Dam: Thirza F R Stb Star    
                       height: 170 cm




                     Ninthe has been handpicked by Louis for her bloodlines to compliment our team, her movement
                       is a delight to watch.
                       Ninthe is imported in foal, due to foal in May 2020,  this foal has been  (SOLD)
                       Ninthe was selected by our client to carry his foal  , we are looking forward to seeing the
                       result into the new year.