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Renske (Star)

Renske v.d. Maria Louise Hoeve (STAR)

                       Recently joining us, imported from Holland
                       beautifull temperament and movement !! A fantastic adition to our team

                       Sire : Bikkel 470 SPORT
                       Dam: Tinka S.R.  CROWN SPORT
                       height: 167 cm

                       2019 NZFHS Keuring  : Champion Senior
                      Renske        Renske





                       22 March 2020, Renske Is currently 60 days pregnant to  HESSEL 480

                       Renske's first foal was born at Glenrose Friesians stud 02/06/2018  ( SOLD)

                       Glenrose Harmonie of GF (Jurre 495 x Bikkel 470)
                       Now owned by
Sarah and Brent Rolston, was crowned,
                       Champion Junior 2019  NZFHS Inc. Keuring
                       1st Premie                                                 
                       NZ CHAMPION 2019 KEURING NZFHS Inc.
                         Photo credit to dcShots photography : 
From left to right
                         Glenrose Harmonie, Runner, Owner Sarah Rolston, Renske, Louis.  Photo below Glenrose Harmony.
                               Glenrose Harmonie's sire :  JURRE   495   (Maurits 437 Sport x Jasper 366 Sport/Pref)
                                                                                 Height : 169 cm
                                                                                 Merriestam: 25

                              Winner competition for the Sjees 2016
                              Champion Stallion Selection 2016
                              Champion Stallion Selection 2017
                              Champion Stallion Selection 2019

                              Photo below of Jurre 495
                              Jurre 495



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