Ataahuaa of Glenrose Friesians - Sold

Because Ate has been such a big part of us, we would like to keep his page on our website and hope to keep giving you some updates of his new journey in Auckland


Ataahua of Glenrose Friesians 2nd & 3rd premie

(Mirthe x Rik 396)

Born 15/04/2008 at 12.30am.

Dutch way of pronouncing Ataahua is Ataahoewa. it is the Maori word for Beautiful

His "paddock" name  is  ATE,  pronounced in Dutch way. ( ATA)

The name Ataahua was thought of  by Tammy.

Ate is trained in harness by Louis.


             Fiona Craig.PNG


   2017  Ate is being ridden by Fiona Craig



Ate was based for about 2 years with well-known local rider and trainer Sarah Rolston.
Sarah travels all over the country competing, teaching and giving clinics in Release Riding and Riding with Purpose. During her time with Ate she rode him Western and developed Ate into a very solid, bombproof horse.

Since Sarah has taken over the reins of Jolmer , Ate enjoyed a year at  the Nga Tawa Equestrian academy in Marton.
Ridden by Yukki, an international visiting student, she very succesfully competed  Ate at Elementary level Dressage and also jumping him in her leisure time.

ATAAHUA (Ate) competing in Dressage with Yukki




May 2013 Vicki competing Ataahua at Tielcey Park





Late 2012 Louis at the beach with Ataahua


ATAAHUA (Ate) playing Hoofball at home (January 2012)



ATAAHUA (Ate) in harness with Louis at home (December 2011)

ATAAHUA at the 2009 NI All Breed Show (Champion Friesian Youngstock) - (8 months old)






ATAAHUA receiving 2ND PREMIE at the KEURING in Taupo 1/04/09

Ate's Sire - Rik