Kalani (Star)

Kalani of Glenrose Friesians (STAR)

2015 ANZFHS NZ NI Reserve Champion Mare, 2nd Premie  STAR mare.

2013 ANZFHS NZ NI Champion Mare, 1st Premie

Dam : Mirthe fan e Lytse Mar

Sire : Haitse 425

Height : 162 cm

Kalani was born 8.30 am 30/10/2011

Kalani's Progeny:  05/12/2016  Filly :  Aurora of Glenrose Friesians ( 2nd Premie) sold
                                                                                (Kalani x Jolmer fan Twillens)
                                      07/12/2017  Colt   : D'Artagnan of Glenrose Friesians   
                                                                                (Kalani x Jolmer fan Twillens ) 

          End 2019 we are expecting 4 top quality foals . 4 embryos have been placed into 
          Recipient mares. This is a rare oppurtunity to own your own Friesian with exceptional 
          bloodlines, temperament and movement.
          4 recipient mares carrying the folowing combinations:
           Kalanie of GF x  Wybren 464 into a recipient mare.
           Kalanie of GF x  Wybren 464 into another recipient mare.
           Kalanie of GF x  Wimer 461 into recipient mare Pluto.
           Tessa    of GF x  Wimer 461  into a recipeient mare.



Above photo of Kalani during 2015 Keuring in Cambridge 

  Above keuring 2013